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Data Security Solutions

Ecom Infotech is a HPE Business Partner and offers the following solutions:
•Data Loss Prevention Solutions
•Data Encryption
•Data Tokenization
•Data De-Identification, Pseudonymization
•Email Encryption
•BIG Data Encryption
•Cloud Data Security

As data has become an increasingly valuable corporate asset, hackers and data thieves continue their relentless drive to thwart protection measures. A serious data breach causes immeasurable damage to corporate reputation. With increasing adoption of IoT, Cloud, AI and Analytics, Cloud & Data security/privacy is a major challenge to the C-Suite today in the increasing regulatory landscape.


We help businesses comply with specific regulations that mandate data protection. Today enterprises must have a complete data governance strategy, using proven encryption, tokenization and data de-identification approaches, that protect the data itself, not just the data containers and network perimeters. We are in collaboration with the leading experts in data-centric encryption and tokenization solutions. Data Security helps solve the industry’s biggest problem making encryption of data simple for even the most complex use cases. These solutions have solved this challenge through cryptographic innovations, including Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) and Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), and through payment security innovations. These solutions have been implemented by thousands of global enterprise customers to protect sensitive data and at the world’s largest banks, financial institutions, Government bodies and payment processors

Our world class offerings solves 3 of the compelling use cases that customers like you would be keen to address:

Compliance/PCI Scope Reduction- Card Related Data – Our offering includes NIST Standard Secured Stateless Tokenization and Payment HSM

PCI Data encryption


Data De-identification/Compliance/Privacy- Our offering includes Format Preserving Encryption and Key Management solution

PCI Data encryption

Collaboration security- Email & Cloud -Our offering includes Industry’s only Stateless Key based Email Encryption and Cloud Data Security.

PCI Data encryption

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We would be more than glad to have face to face meeting with you or over phone to discuss in detail and chalk out the next steps. Feel free to contact us for any of your Data security related challenges, our Data Security Experts would be more than glad to help you. For us Data Security is not just a business but it is in our DNA to help customers who can confidently mitigate the risks even in worst scenario like breach occurrence